Friday, December 31, 2010

A Witty Piece of China

I found a plate with a sense of humor.   Really.

If you take a look at the decorative band that goes around the plate, you'll see that it starts to unfurl like a ribbon. One could say that the designer is subverting the conventions of china decoration where the flat surface is privileged. One could say that, but one would risk getting bopped on the head (and justifiably) for sounding pretentious.  Anyway, it's witty design, don't you think ?  Maybe not a knee-slapper, but still pretty entertaining considering it's only a plate. 

Briefly, transferware employs engraved images that are printed onto thin paper.  The paper is burnt off during the process of firing and the ink design is left.  Because the process encourages engraved designs to be  joined in a collage-like way, many of the designs have a modern, almost cubist sensibility.  For more detailed information about the process, look at this illustrated entry in the blog, Nancy's Daily Dish:

For more examples of transferware and other interesting paintings, furniture and miscellaneous collectibles, go to River Town Antiques in Scottsville, Virginia in the old IGA space.

So ends my last blog entry of 2010, but not before I send out best wishes to all for a Happy New Year and a 2011 filled with happiness and joy in the small things.

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  1. Hi Stefanie,

    I'm so glad to have offered any help at all in your search for information on the transferware process and am always happy to know that my posts are enjoyed! I completely agree with you that when you realize what goes into these pieces you do gain a deeper appreciate for them. I view each one as a piece of art.

    Your lovely plate is from the Aesthetic Movement and I thought you may equally, if not more so, enjoy this post I did on transferware pieces produced during that period.

    Thank you for linking to my post.

    Best wishes for a Happy New Year and your blogging endeavors!